Interior and Exterior Painting

We cover all kinds of Interior and Exterior Painting and Interior Design for Residential and Commercial.

We offer any type of paint for ceilings, walls, and all types of wood surfaces.  This includes kitchen and bathroom cabinets, windows, doors, floors, and fences, as well as all types of metal and aluminum surfaces such as railings, pipes, gutters, and downspouts.

We are also a Licensed and Certified Environmental Protection Agency Firm and are able to work on buildings built prior to 1978 where Lead Paint may exist.

Faux finishes: trompe l`oeil, venetian plaster and other art techniques

Faux finishes techniques (like trompe l`oeil, venetian plaster, marbleizing and other special effects) are one of our specialties, and we take special pride in delivering this amazing service. This ancient art requires an incredible technique and outstanding ability, handed down to us by real italian masters, along with the practice and the wisdom necessary to perform it.

Our authentic italian tradition will shine in your house.

For more information, photos and work samples, visit our Art gallery.

Wood floors and deck refinishing

We can refinish wood floors as well as decks. Additionally, we also specialize on furniture restoration.

Plaster repairs

We do any type of plaster repairs, from fixing cracks to re-building corners etc.