Be it venetian plaster or astonishing trompe l`oeil, our aim is to create a space that might reflect exactly who you are, and feel exactly how you like. In over 20 years, we have delivered some true masterpieces and we hope you might find inspiration in the following work samples by scrolling down below.

Trompe l`oeil

Italian Painting Services Inc. – interior design This art technique (French for `deceiving the eye`) involves realistic imagery in order to create optical illusions: beautiful landscapes, architectural details where there was none such as columns or arches, objects and decorative motifs of your own choice.
It is no less than artistic painting applied to interior design: it requires true mastery and authentic painters, and we pride ourselves on having the best artists in the business.

Venetian plaster

Italian Painting Services Inc. – interior design Our Italian heritage should not leave any doubt: this is one of our absolute specialties. This plaster, often shiny and pearly, smooth to the touch even when showing breath-taking textures, is one of the most common and beloved, and therefore one of the most abused and misunderstood not only by clients, but also by those who perform the work without knowing exactly the correct traditional procedure.

Marbleizing, graining, color wash and personalized painting

This photo shows how we were able to perfectly match the wooden baseboard to the marble floor. That’s right, the baseboard on the picture is simple wood but now it looks just like the marble floor.

Faux stone painting and related artistic techniques became renowned and took off during the Renaissance, first in Italy then in France.  The amazing art of creating marble or wood out of plain surfaces has made its way to our time, becoming a great architectural device for your living space.

And if your desire is personalized painting, such as animals or objects on your walls and furniture, our finest painters are capable of everything you might dream of: the only limitation is your fantasy.